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A Dinner for One

Curly and Chubby Couple Mugs

I haven't post anything lately because i was to busy.
But wait, here, i'd like to show you Curly and Chubby couple mugs designed by me :D

You like it?

Just let me know if you want pieces of these cute mugs.

I Love You The Way You Are

when you love someone, everything about him is just perfect.

Fixing My Broken Heart

sometimes, our love one hurt your heart without any intention...
but that doesn't always mean they don't love you anymore, right?

You can see when Curly fixed Chubbys heart here.

Don't Copy and Paste, Please

So, one day, i found out that someone has copied my Curly and Chubby Cartoon to her/his website. I've left my comment on the website, but they never reply it.

These are the screenshot of the website.

The first image was taken from here.

And here is where i got the second screenshot.

You know, the reason why i update Curly&Chubby cartoon not so often is because it's a hard thing for me to find new and fresh ideas for Curly and Chubby. Since there are lots of similar cartoon or comic strips about cute couples. I challenge myself to make something new, not only a remake cartoon. I don't want to steal others idea or cartoon or comic. Even without copying anyone, i still can find that many comics or cartoon that have same ideas with what i have made, and it were completely coincidence. That is why, making an original story is a HARD thing to do.

To find someone stole my comics is pretty heartbreaking.

I know my cartoons are not so beautiful, not so famous. Only crappy cartoons made by an ordinary girl.

But i reaaalllyyy hope that you, yes you, everyone who watching this blog, please... don't copy my Curly and Chubby cartoons and produce or paste it anywhere without my permission or refer link to this blog.

I would appreciate if you can at least give respects to other people works. I've tried to respect you by not give you a remake or stolen cartoon. Right?

From now, i promise myself to upload new comic more often. Once every two weeks maybe?

Anyway... i'd like to thank to everyone who watching this blog and waiting for every cartoon update patiently. I really appreciate that with all my heart :)

nb : sorry for my awful English, bad grammara and vocabs.

nb, again : even i, myself, put the credit for every paper texture i used. it because i respect the designer of those paper textures i used for the background.

I will never let you fall

I don't give a damn whether i strong enough or not
but i will always catch you when you fall

Paper texture by Insan Stock

A special thanks to Pito, i always ask help from her when i had trouble with the quotes. Since my English not so good, sometimes i ask her opinion about the quotes i made. Thank you Pitosky :) Hope you dont mind i put your name in this post.